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  • 2016/1/13

    CAUTION! Beware of Fake, Phishing and Spoof EMails

    We are reported that somebody is sending fake, phishing and spoof emails (from an email address “”) in the name of AESC. We have nothing to do with such emails.
    If you suspect that you have received a fake email, please forward it to us at the email address below.

  • 2015/2/6

    Addition a Chinese edition to our homepage

    You can read a Chinese edition by clicking the button in the page top right corner.

  • 2014/9/1

    Electric vehicle commuting promotion project
    (workplace charging)

    AESC, that received back up from Nissan which proactively works on familising EV to implement Zero emission society, environment for employees to use “Nissan LEAF” as commuting tool by facilitating 5 of EV chargers at the workplace.

  • 2014/8/20

    Contribution to Zama-shi low-carbon society promotion fund

    AESC donated 4,000,000 JY to the Zama-City for proactivity works on familising EV that money makes use for Low-Carbon society promotion fund.

  • 2013/4/8

    Notice of Website Renewal

    Today, we totally renewed our website!
    We hope you enjoy the site's new style.
    At AESC, we appreciate your ongoing custom.

  • 2011/5/16

    AESC Won the IBA Technology Award 2011

    ※AESC is pleased to announce AESC accepted the IBA Technology Award in April 2011.
    IBA (International Battery Materials Association) recognized AESC's outstanding contributions
    to the development of Lithium-Ion Batteries for transportation applications and the Nissan Leaf.

  • 2009/1/30

    AESC Won the 3rd Okazaki Kiyoshi Award

    ※AESC is pleased to announce the Lithium-ion Battery Developing team accepted the 3rd Kiyoshi Okazaki Award in January, 2009.
    The Okazaki Kiyoshi Award is given to individuals or groups of researchers, engineers or production professionals for excellence in the field of electronic materials (mainly electronic ceramics).

  • 2009/1/05

    Notice of Change of Address

    ※AESC moved to a new location in Zama city on January 5,2009.

  • 2008/8/6

    Nissan previews next generation environmental vehicles

    ※This press release is announced by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. on August 6,2008.

  • 2008/5/28

    Compact Li-ION battery-powered Nissan forklift concept to debut at CeMAT2008

    ※This press release is announced by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. on May 28, 2008.

  • 2008/5/19

    Joint press conference with Nissan, NEC Corp and NEC Tokin and AESC for issuance of new shares and investment

  • 2007/5/17

    Advanced Automotive Battery Conference 2007 @LongBeach USA

    Presented "Development of Advanced Lithum-Ion Battery for Electric Powered Vehicles"